Want to Date a Jehovah’s Witness?

[Original publication date: March 15, 2004 by Kent Steinhaug]

Dating sites are popular – also among the Jehovah’s Witnesses. On the site jwconnections.com you can find single JWs to date – if you should be interested.

sister-robertaSister Roberta is looking for: “Someone who has my same interests, and someone who loves jehovah whole heartedly.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses Online

The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society has warned Jehovah’s Witnesses about the dangers of Internet usage repeatedly. It seems the Witnesses don’t follow the orders a whole lot – at least not all of them

On www.jwconnections.com you can search for single Jehovah’s Witnesses for dating. The picture to the right is of “Sister Roberta” from Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. She’s one of a lot of JWs searching for someone to marry.

Take a look. . . .

Smokers Are Hard to Find…

It’s hard to find smokers among these JWs – but it’s not hard to find regular drinkers. However, it seems some are a bit irritated by all the questions, like this girl:

irritated-girl“I’m really suprised about the smoking question and no how long have you been baptised question…I was baptised in 1993 by my father how neat is that…My family is all in the truth My father is an elder my brother is a servant and I’m pretty exemplary no I’m not a pioneer or in bethel b/c let’s be honest I wouldnt have time to be signing up for a jw singles network but I have the pioneer spirit…”

This girl was obviously a bit annoyed by all the questions about her lifestyle.

Here is an update to the above story:

Since Kent wrote the above report JWConnections.com apparently dissolved or merged into another dating site – most likely JWMatch.com (which, as of this date in 2014, seems alive and well). But let me rephrase that – after this current advertisement…

Why JWMatch is perfect for you…jw-match-logo
“Look! How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!” (Psalms 133:1). JWMatch is a way for Jehovah’s Witnesses and interested ones to build loving and trusting friendships that can lead to lasting relationships in the real world. The beauty of meeting and relating on JWMatch is that you can do this in a safe, anonymous and fun environment. Whether you are looking for love, making new friends, or finding old friends again, JWMatch is a great way to do just this!
Find love, make friends and search for like-minded people today!
Find your ideal match with our intelligent two-way matching system.
Your personal details are kept safe and completely private.
It’s QUICK, EASY & FREE to join!

JWMatch.com might be alive and well, but by far the majority of subscribers to the service seem to be in pretty dire straits – socially. You can almost hear their frustration when you read their captions and personal details. A fair percentage of the women on the site admit to having children. Surprisingly, a number of women with children list themselves as being “single” or “will share later” – and not “divorced” or “widowed.” Others offer up their status as being “Divorced (Free to Remarry),” indicating that they came out on a winning side of a judicial committee decision.

JWMatch.com lets you look at five profiles before requiring that you order up a membership – which is “free” and claims to have minimal restrictions. A quick look indicates a higher percentage of sisters are willing to try online dating compared to the number of brothers signing up for this service. Not quite sure what to make of that, but there must be an underlying reason buried in that fact. A high percentage of the brothers adorn themselves with facial hair of various cuts and styles – making you wonder how loyal they are to the Watchtower’s rather strict grooming guidelines – or if they are really Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I’m sorry – but if I was a lonely sister looking for a new lover – some of these fellows would absolutely creep me out. How sincere is someone who states that he wants to become a “full-time pioneer and an elder,” but looks like he’s on the run from the police?

There are alternatives to JWMatch – such as JWFind.net and a few relatively hard to find JW Discussion forums that allow, and even encourage, online dating among their members. This is JWFind’s site description and purpose:

JWFind.net is the only social site for Jehovah’s Witnesses.jw-find-logo
JWFind.net is the only feature rich online social networking site dedicated to true, active Jehovah’s Witnesses. Though Jehovah’s Witnesses are open community, members of JWFind.net expect servants of Jehovah here, so only baptized and active Jehovah’s Witnesses may join the site. Everyone here has to declare and prove that he is true Jehovah’s Witness, actively associated with his local congregation. Further, only those who respect site rules may use the site. Safety and cleanness is our top priority. Behavior against the rules is not tolerated.

One other online dating service focusing on Jehovah’s Witnesses is:
Partners in the Truth

78 Replies to “Want to Date a Jehovah’s Witness?”

  1. in the attention to all brothers and sisters looking men and women in those website , it is very shame and so disgusting to a truly witness to join those website to find someone to live with , never a truly spiritual brothers or sisters who respect god standpoint can follow this website , none of these sites they government body encourage witnesses to join , i know you must be so desperate for joining this site but notice one thing this brothers or sisters you will meet there will never be able to tell others where and how you met , following this website is like subscribing in porno website , you are truly Jehovah’s witness removed your account and ask help to the elders in your congregation also i suggest you to follow this link its will help you to notice what jehovah’s witnesses think about that.
    jw.org broadcasting video title make a success of your singleness

    1. Perhaps the young sisters can work with the young brothers in the ministry then they can talk and maybe get to know eachother better

      1. Ideally, you would hope this would work, but typically it’s not done this way unless you’re a married couple or you’re chaperoned. No man wants to creep any sister or lady out. So it appears you have to network & let others know.

        In other words, let others know discreetly, so you don’t appear to eager or desperate.

    2. You can give your input without judging your brothers and sisters so it would appear you as well aren’t as spiritual. Please be upbuilding and encouraging. You don’t have to be so opinionated and blunt to the point of offending your spiritual family. Some that are spiritually weak or new in the truth can be gullible and easily misled thinking sites like jw.match and jwfriends are legit from Jehovah’s organization, not realizing a large majority of members are non believers, scammers, apostates, inactive jws, and dis-fellowshipped jws. These sites are most likely ran by apostates that once associated. Even servants of Jehovah can be misled by Satin when not on their guard. Some unfortunately have to learn the hard way. If you’re going to correct anyone please do it in a mildl and loving way based on scriptural principles not based on your personal ferlings and attitude towards them for falling short.

  2. Liked your candid remarks, but it’s a terrible to.e to try to meet people. At least in the past when you volunteered at conventions one could meet others. The society is right about these sites but offers no other way to meet. Congregations Don’t have party’s anymore, families Don’t give a rip about anyone else, so there’s no introductions, as in the past. People huddle to gather at conventions , so that you almost have to troll the sisters bathroom line and then stock her back to her seat. That’s not cool either… Face it, these a majority of people out there that love Jehovah but are truly frustrated at not being able to meet others singles, but have NO WAY to do so, and you wonder why so many you g o ed leave the truth? I really really wish I knew the answer, but this is not it either. I tried JW Match.com 5 years ago, 8 out of 10 were NOT witnesses!!!! I simply asked what they thought of lasts weeks watch study paragraph 5. Only 2 out of each group of ten could and did respond..the rest Russian mafia, players, can artists. So the society is right. But if you Don’t have the time & money to travel, you’re toast. Whatever the case I pray for all of you sincere individuals who want & need the love we were created to have and hope that theses a solution soon….just my thoughts…

    1. Lance, so how do men & women meet w/o being judged? Does not the watchtower offer a practical means to do so? Compatibility is very important too. Try visiting other congregations within reasonable distance. Let others know.

      1. Jehovah knows the desires of your heart. Pray to him about it. My brother moved to Ohio to teach the bible in Chinese to bible students and was recently married. Jehovah wants to help you. Take a more active role in service to him and he will reward your efforts as he did my brother. I’m not a witness but I do know that even if someone evil gives good gifts to their child, why wouldn’t Jehovah give you the gift of a husband. Rely on Jehovah.

    2. Lance I could not agree more with what you stated, you are spot on. Dating in the JW world is brutal. I am a baptized brother with full privilege’s in good standing within my congregation so I will not frequent a jw dating site again( I have done so in the past ) I will do it the “old fashioned” way and approach a sister at the Regionals or an International. And if I get shot down oh well at least I am doing it Jehovah’s way. I do know of multiple couples that have met online and they are in good standing with some even being servants/elders so I am starting to wonder if the Branch is still hard core on the whole internet dating thing. I haven’t heard a peep about it at a convention or the WT for I’m thinking 10 years or so. Personally I think online dating within a structured setting would be advantageous for any JW looking for a mate. After all no one uses the internet more than we do re: jw.org

      1. Allen, which online sites did they use? Match.com has far more women than men. Verified by Alexa.com
        Do they specifically advertise for a JW mate? It appears members would be judgmental about this. I would prefer to meet online, so you don’t appear to be hungry like a wolf or desperate…

        1. They used jwmatch.com Yes some congregation members would be judgmental about this, that’s why it is generally kept hush hush and not talked about.

          As I stated earlier though, it does appear to me that social media (online dating) is not that big of a deal anymore. Certainly it’s not as critically viewed as it was 10 years ago. My opinion as to why is because a realization has set in, and that realization is, that life for better or worse runs on the internet. There really is no escaping that fact, and the organization I believe gets that finally.

          1. I appreciate your honesty Allen. Are you aware of any couples who’ve had successful results meeting a compatible partner via Social Media or JWmatch.com?

            I noticed some witnesses seem to attract the interest of the opposite sex with relative ease due to either charm, social status &/or looks.

      2. It’s a big problem especially for us sisters…
        Providing a means to widen out in a structured online environment could really ease it for us.
        Not all of us are interested in visiting dating sites, but we are gradually running out of options.

  3. Both of u just need to just give it a try with an open mind of not asking money from the other person,it’s coming now before you meet a person they’re busy asking money,do they love you or they love your wallet

        1. Very rude, I doubt you would say this in person to me, unless your socially inept. Are you or were you a witness? Learn manners.

          1. Why do u question people if they’re jw when in the first place u yourself wasn’t nice..you were very mean in your comments and i wasn’t talking to you.check yourself first before you question others….

          2. When was I ever mean? I simply mirrored or reflected your attitude back in my last comment to you. Perhaps you may now understand how you may come across others?

  4. For me i dnt care, i just need someone who can trust,it unfair to think everyone is a flaudstar….and that thinking gets you nowhere.

  5. I am 36 years old, Kenyan, serving Jehovah proudly!
    I am however sad to say that I am still single,
    . I do
    pray that I do find a sister soon in this system of
    things, because I am almost at my limit regarding
    1st Corinthians 7:9. More then likely the sister
    that will be with me will have a 10 to 20 year age
    gap because of the fact that I would like to have
    children. Oh, how I do pray that the new system
    comes in my life time. As I look at the seasoned
    friends in my congregation and my parents, and I
    start to picture myself living at that age in this
    wicked world for another 36 years totally turns my
    stomach. Anyway, showing deep agape love to all
    friends who want to get married, and to start
    living in the real life! Your Brother peter thuo. Email (petermthuo77@gmail.com). (whatsapp +211955174551). (Instagram jw-peter-thuo)

    1. Peter, you may need to seriously consider getting a life-like love doll for satisfying your sexual needs. How you satisfy your sexual needs is between you & Jehovah & is absolutely non of anybody’s business. This will allow you to release your sexual tension & allow you to relax on spiritual matters instead of obsessing over sex, until you meet a spiritually compatible lady.

      Visit this site to see what these gorgeous love dolls look like:


      or visit Dollforum.com to learn more…

      1. Mark you are not a witness to writ this down “ou may need to seriously consider getting a life-like love doll for satisfying your sexual needs. How you satisfy your sexual needs is between you & Jehovah & is absolutely non of anybody’s business.” You are so wrong to write this. as a true Jehavah’s witness we would never ever give an advice like this. We do care about our brothers and we want to help them if they have a problem with controling their sexual desires:
        Peter I can only suggest you to read this article:
        Persue holiness in God’s fear”

        W08 05/15 pp 26-28

        1. Joseph, what practical solution do you have? Marry out of desperation? Marry to satisfy your sexual appetite? He would be better off getting a love doll than to obsess about sex or to marry someone incompatible. Fear? Jehovah ,does not appear to be a loving god to scare you into obeying.

        2. I was stunned when I read his response. It was like a car accident, I could not turn away. Your advice is in line with Jehovah. To engage in self gratification will just intensify your desires. Shhhhhhhh…now… I am gone, Never to return. Now I really see why JW sites are the only 100% safe sites. Much love to all.

          1. “To engage in self gratification will just intensify your desires.” Are you speaking from experience or making assumptions based w/o facts?

      2. mark . oh my god mark are yu encouraging brothers to masturbate or using love doll like sex toy
        if it so i think you are disfellowshippped long time ago , you should start thinking how to come back to jehovah by purify yourself before the end of this system of things , sorry but yur so immoral according to jehovah standpoint . no witnesses should talk yu .

        1. Actually, you’re judging me based upon your limited understanding of the situation. You offer no practical solution to help this brother other than try to project guilt or shame upon me from your limited understanding. Fear Jehovah? Is that what you call a god of love? Would you tell your child or your wife to fear you if they did not agree with you?

          1. Having a healthy fear of not pleasing a parent is what you want your children to have. “I shouldn’t do “this or that” because it will upset my mother!” A prime example of a healthy fear. The same fear we should have of Jehovah. °a fear of displeasing him. Fear is what drives us to be safe.
            “I’m fearful of getting in a car accident so I make sure I’m careful.”
            Fear is not a bad thing. Not having fear is what gets you in trouble.
            “I’m not scared, so I live life on the edge!”

          2. leighannhendershot1980, thank you for clarifying your definition of fear, however too many brothers & sisters worry about displeasing others…

            Instead of pleasing themselves in a healthy way. Remember, to the same degree you aim to please others to get their approval or acceptance of you is what you’ll typically lose in happiness, self-worth or acceptance of self. Understand the balance?

            If you’re not happy then it’s an indication a persons thinking or attitude is lop-sided or unbalanced. Only the person feeling this way knows the answer, if they’re willing to listen to the inner still voice within-in.

    2. Your 36 yearso old n looking for a possible 10 to 39 year gap??? Are you kidding me? Your looking at 16 year old children? Ummm…this isn’t bible days. Look for someone your own age. This is what the new world is for…went would you want to bring children into this disgusting works world now at this time.

      1. I would never encourage anybody to marry based on sexual frustation or the need for sexual release. This only symbolizes the frustration you’ll have should you marry an uncompatible mate not based on love. Don’t let your loins decide your fate or happiness.

  6. You say it’s disgusting to join a dating site? Yet what I find weird? Are people like you worrying about it ? Making comments as if you feel it’s your place to even worry or make a comment ! Don’t you think you are a weird creep ? I mean people with a life wouldn’t be making comments about the site unless they are so gross and weird like you must be mark? Ya think ?! I don’t know ! I find it so strange that a guy like kent would even get a web site all about witness’s joining a date site or a site called watch tower observer ? I mean why does he care what they believe ? Hey what about Catholics believing in purgortory ?? Now that’s something to laugh at !! That’s no where in a bible ! Hell half the priest are child preditors !!! Lol lol maybe ken should get a web site on catholic priest !!! Why get one on the only relgion that tries to follow the bible and did they do something to kent to hurt his poor little baby feelings?? Maybe kent was molested by a catholic and he is mad a witness didn’t save his creepy ass

    1. Just make sure the love doll is loyal & a believer in Jehovah. Or better yet, if you’re lonely get a pet as they love unconditionally w/o any strings attached or hidden agendas.

  7. My brothers and sisters let no one deceive you.It is not a sin to log into this website and talk to different people and languages throughout the world but you must be cautious and wise due to the unbelievers who also log into this website and claim to be your witnesses.whether you log into this website or you do not log into it you committed no sin.It is only a sin if you fail to marry in the lord.If you say that logging into this website is a sin please may you show me in the Bible?

    1. Depending upon which congregation you attend they may call it bad association. Do you remember what they say about bad associations spoiling useful habits? I believe, but no longer associate with Jehovahs witnesses. Too judgmental for my tastes. See the dichotomy?

  8. I have noticed there are so many difficulties for real witnesses to find a date either in their country or in the net n live happily in this passing world…According to the only truth in words which is the holy bible((given by god JEHOVAH the grand creator to humans marrying to someone is not a sin also not marrying is neither a sin..
    But to honour god according to his rules n regulations stated in book of corinthians marriages should be celebtated only between parties of a same belief that is brother and sister should accept JEHOVAH as their god..
    So anytime any problems arise they would check together in the bible what their creator recommends and finally peace is maintained and the couple goes on and live their lives happily…IN the net its difficult to know who is really an active JW so beloved brothers n sisters be veryveryvery careful when giving anybody informations about yourself,,,forget some brothers n sisters have already been trapped..
    I have got an issue of how JW dating can become easy and free in a genuine style,,i will post it somewhere for active JW only,,,

    1. “I have got an issue of how JW dating can become easy and free in a genuine style,,i will post it somewhere for active JW only,,,” Now why would you need to post it elsewhere? As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses you should know how to spot such just by their actions etc, unless blinded by their sexual appetite or own loneliness.

  9. I can’t believe what I’m reading here amongst the brothere and sisters concerning dating sites and even hair styles, yes the internet is a very dangerous place to be for dating I agree on this point strongly but the criticism passing between yourselves and even hair styles too involved seems ridiculous , which one of us can cast the first stone we are all imperfect in this system so stop bickering and get on with it and remember Jehovah God loves you he knows we are not perfect in this system of things . Myself I’m only a associate of Jehovah Witnesses at this time.

    1. Malcolm, it’s just a differance of opinion, which does not always equate to arguing. It’s your perception & or resistance to others beliefs which don’t agree with yours. If the internet is so dangerous then the organization would not use it. Discretion…

      1. HI Mark yes you are right I agree with the points you make but going back to the certain issues I’ve read particularly on the hair issue seems a little ridiculous and what women do in everyday chat but again we are not perfect and least of all me and going back to the internet issue you are very correct Mark in discretion but I remember a time when the internet came out that even the organisation would not use it and warned of it dangers very strongly.

        1. Malcolm, the organization is imperfect & ran by imperfect men which leaves me conflicted regarding the meeting of a compatible mate. As it stands, It’s most certainly not a practical place or vehicle for meeting such. The environment is not conducive for even attracting or meeting a compatible mate, which is a shame, however understandable…

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  11. Matt 7:1 “Stop judging that you may not be judged…..” You cannot read an individuals heart and therefore you cannot determine how spiritual someone is or isn’t. Actual I know people who have met on dating sites and are open about it so the concept that one must hide is a thing of the past. I’ve met many witnesses on dating sites forums Facebook etc and many are in very good standing. The faithful slave does not speak highly of social media in general, dating sites, university among other things does that mean everyone who has a Facebook account or has gone to college is not exemplary? At least 8 brothers in my hall who are active have beards. Some individuals need to be on the sites so they can widen out meet others and abolish some of the narrow minded judgemental views that they have. While I agree some persons on these sites are inactive disfellowshipped etc and one must be cautious that is not the case with a good percentage believe it or not.

    1. I totally agree with you cutta, however from my experience the imperfect critical/judgmental witnesses have the goal of changing your attitude about subjects or topics such as this. Your typically already marked or judged as spiritually weak as determined by their own limited opinion.

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  14. It’s a big problem especially for us sisters…
    Providing a means to widen out in a structured online environment could really ease it for us.
    Not all of us are interested in visiting dating sites, but we are gradually rurnning out of options.

    1. Tes, I did not realize this was a problem for the sisters or ladies. Would relocating to a bigger congregation work? Would relocating to a bigger city with more congregations be practical?

      Follow your heart & or intuition, & as always ask for inspiration from Jehovah for what its worth. Youth & beauty give a sister an edge over the others, unless you have an attractive outgoing personality.

  15. In my experience, the majority of people on dating sites aren’t serious. Too easy to hide, to deceive, and to turn your nose up at someone you don’t like. Stick with speed-dating and other ‘in-person’ singles events. Those people have paid money and gone out of their way to be there and that’s a good indication they are serious about meeting someone.

  16. There is no such thing as a free dating site. Let’s just get that one out there. If there were then no one would register for it for it would be a trap for men and the robot woman. Now for the real article on dating sites. There isn’t one good one out there because most of the women who apply to them are shallow. They want Fabio with Bill Gates’ money. Yes, there are a few rare occasions where you’d find a good woman on a site. Yet, the drama of paying her psychiatrist’s bill doesn’t make it any fun to go on a date with her. Where are the dating sites with real (non-robot) women who have an IQ above 115? Doesn’t exist without the $300 fee attached!

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