The Watchtower and Northlands Casino

[Original publication date: March 3, 2004; submitted by “Sebastian”]

horse-racingIf you are a Jehovah’s Witness, do you think the Watchtower Society believes that people are not going to discover who their business partners and associates are throughout the world? Could this be a reason why the Watchtower strongly discouraged the use of the internet for so many years? Are they afraid their members might find out about the Watchtower’s worldly associations and investments?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here is a good example: Lets go to a “Casino” page on and look for the name “Northlands.”

Northlands Park
Northlands Park

Now since we find “Northlands” listed on a Casino page, let’s go and check out Northlands Park (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). Please note the listing at this site includes Horse Racing and Slot Gaming. Go here:

Northlands Casino - entertainment, harness racing, gambling.
Northlands Casino – entertainment, harness racing, gambling.

Now lets see if the Watchtower is associated with Northlands.

Page 11 of casino brochure PDF.
Page 11 of casino brochure PDF circa 2003-2004.

Here is where it gets a bit tricky.

1. Look closely at the page above sourced from a Northlands Casino brochure (PDF).

Among the list of sponsors and patrons you can clearly see the “Watchtower Bible and Tract Society” (highlighted in yellow).

2. Look for these words right above the picture of the dining tables on page 11: “Royal Alexandria Foundation”

3. Look to the left and straight across from those words at the faded list of organizations, on the opposite side from the dining tables.

4. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is listed as an associate or member.

Aren’t Jehovah’s Witnesses commanded to “stay away from worldly associates”? Do you see how many ways the organization shows its hypocrisy? And the list just keeps getting bigger.

(Sebastian’s side note: “This is the second Casino connection I have noticed just this month. What’s next?”)

The above information suggests that the Watchtower has been an associate in some way of Northlands Casino. (Note: Exactly how they are associated is not clear, but there was apparently no attempt to hide the connection (in 2004). Original investor? Partner? Major stockholder? Frequent user of the facilities? A company’s name would not end up in a publicly distributed brochure like this unless they have some significant involvement with this corporation and/or its management.

Northland Park's sources of income (2000)
Northland Park’s sources of income (2000)

Apparently the fact that this company, Northlands Park, makes most of their income from horse racing and gambling was not a problem for the Watchtower Society (in 2004). And yet, even now ten years later, and if you are a rank and file Jehovah’s Witness, you would very likely be disfellowshiped if you were discovered gambling!

[Disclaimer: The intent of this article is not to imply that the Watchtower Society or any of its corporations are directly involved in gaming, gambling, or racing in any way – legally or illegally. We simply want to point out that it is hypocritical for a religious organization that holds its members to extemely high standards (with some very notable exceptions), should then be involved in any way, or for any reason, with activities that are clearly in conflict with those declared standards.]

[Updated (2014) link to Northlands Park Hotel and Casino]

1,737 Replies to “The Watchtower and Northlands Casino”

  1. Not a defender here but Northlands operates several buildings. They rent the hockey arena run by northlands for the convention. Really isn’t that big of a deal.

  2. of course its not a big deal, I mean if Northlands held a brothel it would be just fine too, right? Just as long as the weren’t supporting THAT part of Northlands.

  3. I used to attend conventions at the building they used. It was on the exhibition grounds in Edmonton, AB. They had horse races there and other gambling but it had nothing to do with the building we were using. The use of this building had absolutely nothing to do with gambling.

  4. It is not only the Watchtower that is involved with questionable businesses, we all are. Many companies we deal with in our everyday lives have subsidiaries. Those companies may be involved with gambling or other activities or products we don’t approve of.

  5. Of course it’s no big deal – just like clay – mold it anyway ya want – just like the scriptures – mold ’em any way ya want, as long as it suits your purposes- – kinda like the Watchtower Org used to be an NGO in the UN – access to all those countries to preach in, with the UN’s blessing – oh, wait that was part of the revisionist history – never happened – rigggght! :o)

  6. I bet you are embarrassed ? This site you have created is only making the witnesses come out smelling like a rose and it goes to show just what the bible says !! That people like you are the ones that hate , like they did Jesus? Why not hate on a baptist or methodist ? Nope you hate on the religion that speaks the truth just like Jesus said !! What’s so strange is why do you care so much that you create a site ?? You can rent a banquet room in a casino for a baby shower or wedding if the venue is in your area you fool!! You are NOT gambling !! All baptist methodist catholic all religions have had some one practice their faith who have had an abortion but NOT a witness !! All religions partake in the war and have had sons in the war but not a witness ! All religions vote on a president but not a witness as it says in the bible not to!! All religions. have Have pre material sex !!! Not a witness !! They follow bible principle and the bible was put in our hands as a guide to live a healthy and happy life !! No one BUT the witnesses apply bible principle EVERY DAY not just on a holiday or Sunday like other religions ! This site shows how stupid you are ! I bet you will vote for Hillary the liar for president ! That shows how stupid you are too

    1. What a load of horse manure! I was born into the organization, baptised at seventeen, and at forty-five realized that I and my parents had been lied to all my life. These people are not the saints you portray them to be. They are made of clay like the rest of us. They give in to temptation, lie, cheat, steal, commit immorality, use bad language, divorce, and fear like the rest of us.

      The one thing that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has perfected till it is almost an art form is manipulation of its members into giving up their lives, happiness, health, and wealth to this organization. It destroys families, lives, self-esteem, relationships, and sanity.

      My question is: what right do have to call anyone a fool when you obviously haven’t taken the time to research the history of this organization. For example google Australian Royal Commission and Jehovah’s Witnesses or look up the court case in San Diego California where the Witnesses are ordered to pay 4,000 dollars a day until they turn over a complete copy of a letter to the elder body of each congregation regarding their policy on child abusers, molesters, and pedophilia. So I suggest you get yourself educated before you make a fool of yourself again.

    2. Just so you know. I know a Jehovah’s witness who has in fact had an abortion. Just because they don’t come into a KH raving about their sin, doesn’t mean that they are sinless. We are ALL sinners. No matter what religion we are. It is not our job to judge others, therefore I will not judge the things you have said but I will say, I think it is rather disrespectful for you to be saying someone else is stupid. I will pray for you. I will pray that God will touch your heart so that you shall come to know Jesus as your personal savior. God Bless you!!

  7. why don’t the Watchtower run a casino that way they will have money all the time and not run out –prizes of books and magazines and groceries haha

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