Famous JW Pools Winner Won and Spent a Fortune

Viv Nicholson
Viv Nicholson

Original article:
UK DAILY MAIL – April 22, 1987

As a lottery winner vows to “Spend, Spend,Spend,” the Mail tracks down the woman who coined that phrase – pools winner Viv Nicholson. Five husbands later, she was a Jehovah’s Witness living on £87 a week…

Two weeks after her 71st birthday, Vivian Nicholson was looking for a job.

“I’ve sent out 25 resumes and haven’t got a single reply,” she complaines, as her solitary companion – a rather timid canary – scratches in a cage on the dresser behind us.

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Prince – Now a Jehovah’s Witness

[Original publication date: March 2, 2004]

Prince a devoted Jehovah’s Witness!
African American rock star Prince a devoted Jehovah’s Witness!

Prince Rogers Nelson
Prince Rogers Nelson

It was anounced on “EXTRA” (TV program in the USA) and they said we would soon see a change in his music because he was “marrying his music to his religion.” They said he is now a very devout Jehovah’s Witness.

Prince – Now a Jehovah’s Witness!

African American rock star Prince came into this world as Prince Roger Nelson; he was named for the Prince Roger Trio, a musical aggregation for which his father played. In light of his carefully cultivated public image — the arrogant aloofness, the covey of bodyguards, the overemphasized androgyny — it is sometimes easy to forget that Prince is uncommonly talented; in addition to his singing and composing skills, he is proficient at two dozen musical instruments.

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