Prisoner Finds Love on the Outside

September 24, 2001

A Jehovah’s Witness minister convicted of killing his pregnant wife in 1997 has fallen in love while on prison work release and remarried in Brisbane on Saturday.

Ian Reilly was convicted of the manslaughter of his wife Sylvia but has protested his innocence.

Lake Perseverance
Lake Perseverance

Reilly’s family and Sylvia’s family have claimed he was framed and wrongly convicted of the killing after Sylvia’s body was found in Lake Perseverance near Toowoomba on September 21, 1997.

Police have ruled out any link between Sylvia’s death and the stabbing murder of Leanne Kennedy by confessed Satanist Darren Maloney, who knew both women. Ms. Kennedy’s body was found on the day of Sylvia’s funeral.

Maloney, jailed for life in February last year, pleaded not guilty to the murder on the basis of “unsoundness of mind,” claiming he was deluded into thinking he was Satan when he stabbed Ms. Kennedy.
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Family of Jehovah’s Witness sues Azusa police, CHP

[Original publication date: January 5, 2001]

The family of a Jehovah’s Witness who died after an auto accident last year is suing the Azusa Police Department and California Highway Patrol, claiming officers improperly handled the accident which led to the victim’s death.

Published Thursday, August 5, 1999WO200410000105006AR
By Justino Aguila
Staff Writer

Fullerton-based attorney Evan L. Ginsburg said the family of 55-year-old Jadine Russell, who died March 8, 1998, after a drunken driver hit a car that slammed into her while she stood on the side of a road, is seeking monetary damages they’ve suffered since her death.

According to Ginsburg, the officers involved could have prevented the accident from happening by having better control of traffic.

The victim had been talking to officers from the CHP and the Azusa Police Department after a minor accident took place moments before Cook crashed.

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Victims’ Families Dispute Blame

[Original publication date: September 10, 2004]

Relatives working to bring bodies to Nicaragua for burial

Meza Family MemorialROCK HILL – The deaths of the Meza family in York County are making headlines in Nicaragua where the mothers of the slain adults are arguing about who committed the crime.


In Friday’s edition of El Nuevo Diario, a newspaper in Managua, the front page had opposing photos of Orfa Molinares Munguia — mother of Marbely Meza — and Dona Teodolinda Meza — mother of Denis Meza. Above Meza’s photo, the headline says “Mi hijo no fue” (“It wasn’t my son.”)

The five-member Meza family died early Monday. The three children, Jairo, 5; Denise, 8; and Denia, 14, died after having their throats slashed before their home was destroyed by fire. The parents died from smoke inhalation and burns in the fire at 4053 Crestview Drive. Marbely Meza, 30, had a cut on her wrist that may have been a defensive knife wound. Investigators are awaiting toxicological test results they hope will point to the killer.

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