Prisoner Finds Love on the Outside

September 24, 2001

A Jehovah’s Witness minister convicted of killing his pregnant wife in 1997 has fallen in love while on prison work release and remarried in Brisbane on Saturday.

Ian Reilly was convicted of the manslaughter of his wife Sylvia but has protested his innocence.

Lake Perseverance
Lake Perseverance

Reilly’s family and Sylvia’s family have claimed he was framed and wrongly convicted of the killing after Sylvia’s body was found in Lake Perseverance near Toowoomba on September 21, 1997.

Police have ruled out any link between Sylvia’s death and the stabbing murder of Leanne Kennedy by confessed Satanist Darren Maloney, who knew both women. Ms. Kennedy’s body was found on the day of Sylvia’s funeral.

Maloney, jailed for life in February last year, pleaded not guilty to the murder on the basis of “unsoundness of mind,” claiming he was deluded into thinking he was Satan when he stabbed Ms. Kennedy.
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Sex Criminal Out of Hospital

[Original publication date: March 1, 2004]

Convicted sex predator Cary Verse was released Thursday from Atascadero State Hospital in San Luis Obispo County, hospital sources said, but his whereabouts and the location of his new home were unknown.

cary-verse-jw-2Cary Verse, 33, a Jehovah’s Witness who has a history of sex crimes, has previously indicated that he would like to live in Martinez to be close to a place of worship for his faith. But a Martinez rental fell through last year after a landlord backed down.

Verse was convicted and sentenced in Contra Costa County, but he may not necessarily be freed there, authorities said.

Contra Costa Superior Court Judge John Minney ordered details of Verse’s new home sealed for fear of stirring up public outcry that would prevent him from settling in.
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Dangerous Convict Asks for Early Freedom

[Original publication date: September 4, 2004]

Pete Sandrock calls Roger Matthew Walters one of the most dangerous offenders he ever prosecuted in his 25 years as District Attorney for Benton County…

By Jennifer NitsonGazette-Times
Gazette-Times reporter
December 15, 2004

When Scott Heiser took the post in 1999, Sandrock showed him a file of papers more than a foot thick in his office.

“‘This is the Walters file,'” Heiser recalls Sandrock telling him. “‘In case this guy ever comes back.'”

In 1995, Walters was sentenced in Benton County Circuit Court to 30 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of the attempted kidnapping of a 13-year-old Corvallis girl in 1987. His lengthy sentence hinged on his status as a dangerous offender, as defined in Oregon statutes.

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