Want to Date a Jehovah’s Witness?

[Original publication date: March 15, 2004 by Kent Steinhaug]

Dating sites are popular – also among the Jehovah’s Witnesses. On the site jwconnections.com you can find single JWs to date – if you should be interested.

sister-robertaSister Roberta is looking for: “Someone who has my same interests, and someone who loves jehovah whole heartedly.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses Online

The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society has warned Jehovah’s Witnesses about the dangers of Internet usage repeatedly. It seems the Witnesses don’t follow the orders a whole lot – at least not all of them

On www.jwconnections.com you can search for single Jehovah’s Witnesses for dating. The picture to the right is of “Sister Roberta” from Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. She’s one of a lot of JWs searching for someone to marry.

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Jehovah’s Witness First Black Graduate at University of Maryland

[Original publication date: February 19, 2004]

Hiram Whittle, the first black undergraduate at the university, poses with the rest of the residents of Temporary Dormitory One in the 1950s. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND
Hiram Whittle, the first black undergraduate at the university, poses with the rest of the residents of Temporary Dormitory One in the 1950s. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND

“Just another day on campus”

He was an ambitious yet quiet child who planted morning glories and vegetables in the backyard of his three-story Baltimore home, never argued with his family and had a job at the local grocery store at age 12.
By Kate Slusark – Staff writer

At 20 years old, Hiram Whittle’s ambition led him to enroll as the first black undergraduate at the university with the help of Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP. Fifty years after Brown vs. the Board of Education officially desegregated public schools, Whittle downplays his role in integrating undergraduates three years before the monumental case.

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‘Disruptive’ Firefighter Suspended Without Pay

[Original publication date: June 25, 2000]

‘Disruptive’ firefighter suspended without pay
The Pinellas Park district chief recommends firing the firefighter, who claims religious discrimination.
St. Petersburg Times, published June 25, 2000

PINELLAS PARK — A firefighter who was twice disciplined for sleeping through alarms and has claimed that his co-workers are biased against his religion has been suspended without pay and asked to explain why he should not be fired.

Barac Wimberly, 28, was suspended without pay Thursday after fire officials said his job performance was substandard and had declined after he had been warned many times that he needed to improve. Wimberly earns $29,382 a year.

“I believe termination is the right course of action,” Pinellas Park district chief Art Winquist, who oversees Wimberly’s shift, wrote in a memo Thursday recommending the firing.

Pinellas Park, Florida
Pinellas Park, Florida

“Although he has attended training classes, firefighter Wimberly has worked unsuccessfully for a number of supervisors and has consistently demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to perform up to expectations,” Winquist wrote.

“Additionally, his performance and conduct are becoming increasingly disruptive to the department.”

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