More Reports on 2000 Annual Meeting & Legal Adjustments

[Original publication date: October 9, 2000]

More details of the Watch Tower Society’s 2000 Annual Meeting

This week was an outstanding one, marked by some rather historic changes. You may already have heard some general comments (or rumors) about it, but I thought that at least I could outline some details or particulars, especially since so many points were read off quickly at the annual meeting that the heads of most were spinning.

Old Watchtower HQ

As you know, for many decades the Governing Body was equated with the 7 directors of the Watch Tower Society (Pennsylvania corporation). Then in 1972 the Governing Body was expanded. But the directors remained all from the anointed and part of the GB. Now, however, things were changing. At talks on Saturday it was pointed out that the two groups (directors and GB)were not to be equated, and the Governing Body could exist without the other “legal society” even existing. At the private business meeting this time all 7 directors resigned, and the members of the corporation (337 in number) replaced them with 7 brothers of the “Other Sheep.” The new directors are:
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