The “Order of Special Full-Time Servants”

[Original publication date: September 5, 2003]

by Kent Steinhaug

When browsing the Watchtower Library 2001 I found some references to a new religious order inside the Watchtower, an order I have never heard of before. This is the stuff that made me stop and wonder:religious-order-2

  • ***yb02 p.30: Highlights of the Past Year***

    On Saturday, June 2, 2001, 676 invited guests from the islands of the Barbados branch and 15 other countries enjoyed the dedication program, which included a history of the work in Barbados. The highlight of the program was the talk “Making Jehovah’s Heart Rejoice,” delivered with infectious warmth by John E. Barr of the Governing Body. For the benefit of those who could not be accommodated at the dedication program itself, a special meeting was held on the following day. It was attended by 3,332.

    Staffing such branch facilities worldwide are a total of 20,133 ordained ministers. All are members of the Order of Special Full-Time Servants.

I found many other references to this mysterious new order, like these: Continue reading “The “Order of Special Full-Time Servants””