Sex Criminal Out of Hospital

[Original publication date: March 1, 2004]

Convicted sex predator Cary Verse was released Thursday from Atascadero State Hospital in San Luis Obispo County, hospital sources said, but his whereabouts and the location of his new home were unknown.

cary-verse-jw-2Cary Verse, 33, a Jehovah’s Witness who has a history of sex crimes, has previously indicated that he would like to live in Martinez to be close to a place of worship for his faith. But a Martinez rental fell through last year after a landlord backed down.

Verse was convicted and sentenced in Contra Costa County, but he may not necessarily be freed there, authorities said.

Contra Costa Superior Court Judge John Minney ordered details of Verse’s new home sealed for fear of stirring up public outcry that would prevent him from settling in.

The judge cited the outrage that ensued when notorious child molester Brian DeVries was released last year as the first graduate of the state’s treatment program for sexually violent predators. DeVries lives in a trailer outside the state prison in Soledad (Monterey County). Verse is the second such graduate.

“I don’t think any community appreciates the game of hide the SVP (sexually violent predator),” Martinez Vice Mayor Mark Ross said Thursday. “This is not how the process is going to succeed.”

Under the state’s Megan’s Law, Verse is required within five days of his release to register as a sex offender with the law enforcement agency where he lives. Police there could also notify neighbors living nearby, without making his address public.

Updated report from 2011 on this story [Link to original article]

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  1. There are a lot more of these guys floating around – more than you would ever guess. I realize this article was from a few years back, but remember that just south of Contra Costa County is Alameda County, the location of the child abuse case in North Fremont (CA) Kingdom Hall that resulted in the 2013 state trial of the Candace Conti child abuse case. There have been several other very high profile child abuse cases in the greater San Francisco Bay area. The Watchtower’s Governing Body continues to stand by its current policies that protect and shelter child molesters within their Kingdom Halls. Why? The very idea that Cary Verse might be out knocking on doors “preaching Jehovah’s word” should scare the bejesus out of the local public. Yes, a man who has been “chemically castrated” may not be able to perform sexually, but that does not prevent him from being violent in many other ways. And now that Cary Verse and others like him have gained a prison education on how to be a more effective criminal, who knows what violent acts he might be capable of. While I don’t wish to judge the man too harshly, the fact is that he is a repeat offender and has a history of breaking parole. The bottom line is that he should never have been allowed back into any Kingdom Hall. I wonder if those in his current congregation are fully aware of what his history is. I also wonder if the public knows that that nice looking fellow in the shirt and tie carrying a New World Translation and some Watchtower magazines has a violent history and won’t invite him into their home for a “Bible study.” The Watchtower Society should set up an online live meeting schedule so that serious offenders like Verse can “go to meetings” from their home using a smartphone or a laptop. Keep them out of Kingdom Halls and away from innocent children!

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