Lawsuit Accuses Church Organization of Not Reporting Sexual Abuse (1998)

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

texnewsHOUSTON (AP) — A Houston teen-ager has filed a lawsuit accusing the national Jehovah’s Witness organization of failing to tell authorities that her brother was sexually abusing her.

Now 19, the woman says her brother, three years older than she, began sexually abusing her in the mid-1980s. In 1988, she says, her family sought counseling by church elder Kerry W. “John” Landers and told him of the assaults.

“Despite this knowledge and/or suspicion, Landers was instructed by the national Jehovah’s Witness organization to handle the matter in-house rather than report such sexual abuse to the authorities, as required by Texas law,” according to the lawsuit, filed by attorney John T. McDowell:

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WWII: Armageddon Soon!

[Original Publication Date: May 18, 2001]

by Ken Raines

“During World War I God’s people expected it to lead directly into Armageddon, but Jehovah prevented such a climax at that time. We didn’t succumb to such an expectation during World War II.”- Kingdom Ministry, January 1968 p. 5.

"Judge" J. F.Rutherford
From the late 1930’s until his death, “Judge” Rutherford believed that World War II would lead to Armageddon. He explicitly said that the “great multitude” should not get married, have sex or kids at that time as Armageddon, he believed, was only a few years or months away.

He said that God revealed to him that the “king of the north” and the “king of the south” of Daniel chapter eleven were the two combatants of WWII and that neither side would be victorious but that the battle of Armageddon would destroy both. He also said that Daniel, Abraham, and other Old Testament prophets and patriarchs would be resurrected soon.

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Anthony Hall – another murderer defended by a JW

[Original Publication Date: August 20, 2001]

Anthony Hall escaped death row once by appeal. But a jury decided Monday to send the convicted murderer back to face execution for his 1983 murder of a prison kitchen worker.

After 4 hours of deliberation, the Circuit Court jury announced that Hall should die by lethal injection. The panel had listened to a week of arguments on whether the 39-year-old should die or spend the rest of his life in prison.

Hall was already in prison for a series of rapes in Cook County when he was convicted in 1985 of stabbing Frieda King repeatedly and leaving the kitchen supervisor to bleed to death in a cold-storage area.

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